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Up to 12 months warranty will come with all vehicles sold over the value of £1500, ranging from silver to platinum cover depending on the age, mileage, engine size and price of the vehicle. Giving you complete peace of mind, with a further option of extending the term to a period of your choice, at an additional cost.


Components not listed below are not covered by this guarantee.


Automatic Gearbox –

Governor, valve block, oil pump, gears, brake bands, servos, clutches, seals, shaft, bearings & bushes, modulator valve, transfer gears.

Continuously Variable Transmission –

All internal working components and seals.

Differential –

Planetary gear assembly, crown wheel and pinion assembly, internal shafts, bearings and bushes, thrust washers, spacers, bevel gears. Includes front, rear, & centre differentials. Excludes viscous couplings & fluid differentials.

Engine –

Cylinder block, cylinder bores and liners, cylinder head. Excludes cracks and porosity. Crankshaft, crank bearings, big end bearings, oil pump, con-rods, gudgeon pins, small end bearings, pistons, piston rings, rocker shaft, rockers, hydraulic lifters, camshaft and cam followers, push rods, camshaft bearings, inlet & exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, cylinder head gasket, timing gears, timing chains, flywheel or flex plate, starter ring gear. Excludes overheating, de-coking, burnt, pitted & sticking valves.

Manual Gearbox –

Gears and gear clusters, selectors and shafts, synchromesh assemblies, bushes, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings, transfer gears.

Front and Rear Wheel Drive –

Drive shafts, constant velocity joints, half shafts & bearings. Excludes gaiters & bushes.

Timing belt –

if the timing belt has been changed in accordance with the time / mileage requirements specified by the manufacture (proof required) it will be covered.

Torque Converter –

All internal working components and seals.

Transfer Box –

The following internal mechanical components are covered: transfer gears, selectors, shafts, transfer shafts, needle and roller bearings, output shafts, bushes.

Casings –

Damage to casings caused as a consequence of the failure of covered component will constitute part of the total claim.
Additional cover can be purchased after your warranty.